Vol 11 (2019)

Table of Contents

1. [PDF] Value groups and residue fields of models of real exponentiation
Lothar Sebastian Krapp
2. [PDF] A uniform stability principle for dual lattices
Martin Vodička, Pavol Ján Zlatoš
FT0. [PDF] Preface to the special issue for The Fifth Workshop on Formal Topology
Thierry Coquand, Maria Emilia Maietti, Erik Palmgren
FT1. [PDF] Reducibility, a constructive dual of spatiality
Francesco Ciraulo, Giovanni Sambin
FT2. [PDF] Constructive uniformities of pseudometrics and Bishop topologies
Iosif Petrakis
FT3. [PDF] Principles of bar induction and continuity on Baire space
Tatsuji Kawai
FT4. [PDF] Sketches for arithmetic universes
Steven Vickers
FT5. [PDF] Frames and topological algebras for a double-power monad
Giulia Frosoni, Giuseppe Rosolini, Alessio Santamaria

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